Welcome to the Home of The Original North American Importer and Distributor of Therapeutic Grade Vaporizers including the World Famous Volcano Vaporizer and the all-new miniVAP from Hermes medical.

We have the widest selection and best supply of authentic Storz and Bickel Volcano merchandise. We also import the all- new miniVAP, which is the most technologically advanced vaporizer on the market today!

Our specialty is high-grade vaporizers that deliver the cleanest and purest vapor possible. After all, your customers buy vaporizers because they deliver a cleaner, fresher vapor and eliminate the combustion that causes heavy tar and other byproducts.

The Volcano Vaporizer is the most thoroughly tested Vaporizer. Volcano Vaporizers consistently outperform major competitors!

Hermes Medical produced the miniVAP, using proprietary technology including special materials from high tech suppliers in California. Although designed in Spain, the miniVAP uses the absolute best and newest technology from all over the world, with key materials coming directly from Oakland. As VaporizeIt is based in Oakland, California, we preceded every other major distributor on the market with regard to these products.

We are the original importer that brought the products to Oakland years ago. Our owners are originally from Oakland and the Bay Area whereas every other distributor and Company came later to the Bay Area. As the original importer of the Volcano Vaporizer, we now have a legacy of being first to distribute the newest and the best.

For the first year that the Volcano was distributed in the USA, all units were distributed from VaporizeIt. So, if you've been buying Volcanoes from the beginning, you were inevitably getting one that we imported initially. That's why even if you have loyalty to another distributer, you should consider also using us, especially for your therapeutic grade vaporizer purchases. We have the longest continuous track record of distributing the product.

Maintaining a low profile and distributing to many different markets has continually kept our clients coming back for more. Our behind- the-scenes approach makes us much less visible, which is the way we like it. We attract less attention, yet we also distribute to a much broader range of stores vs our competitors including specialty shops, adult stores, health food stores, medical facilities, doctors offices, smoke shops, import stores, and medical supply stores.

The Volcano Vaporizer multi-use hot air machine is currently available in four variations, all of which deliver superior vaporization performance:

1) Classic with Solid Valve

2) Classic with Easy Valve

3) Digit with Solid Valve

4) Digit with Easy Valve

The miniVAP is a portable vaporizer that uses a lithium battery and special materials to create a better vaporization than any other portable vaporizer on the market, with superior material purity.

All Vaporizers heat materials through controlled hot air, just enough to release the active ingredients without initiating any combustion of the material. Volcano Vaporizers and the miniVAP produce a cleaner flavor and the active ingredients are released as an almost invisible vapor. Both of these high-grade vaporizers can hold much tighter tolerances, and they are the only vaporizers on the market that are technically correct.

Hermes Medical makes the all new miniVAP in Spain, and we now import all of the parts and units directly to our warehouses in Oakland through an exclusive arrangement with Hermes medical allowing us to offer you the absolute best on the market, in terms of technical efficiency and purity.

Storz and Bickel's patented technology maintains the temperature in the Volcano Vaporization chamber within the tightest ranges of any vaporizer on the market. No vaporizer has the accuracy and reliability of the original Storz and Bickel Volcano Vaporizer.

Call 800-659-8731 for a wholesale price schedule and application or for more information about the Volcano Vaporizer and the all-new miniVAP. We also carry several other brands of vaporizers. 

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